UIC Vision, Mission, Goal, Core Values, and Profile of an Ignacian Marian Graduate


A globally recognized Catholic university

that nurtures faith, builds passion for excellence and

develops lifelong learners with compassion for service

that impacts transformation in a fast-changing society.


We commit ourselves to:

  1. provide an excellent educational experience to students to help them become globally competitive and adaptive to change;
  2. inculcate among students the values of serving others with humility and love, working for justice, promoting peace, and preserving the integrity of creation;
  3. engage in research activities in collaboration with local, regional, national and international partners;
  4. uphold the dignity of the persons especially the poor;
  5. promote and strengthen our Filipino culture and values; and
  6. administer the university following Catholic doctrine.


The University of the Immaculate Conception is a Catholic School that is an instrumentality of the Congregation of the Religious of the Virgin Mary that aims to provide within its community of students and personnel Catholic values. Its goal is to provide an educational program and environment animated by Catholic doctrine, beliefs, teachings, traditions, and practices, the exercise of which is protected by, among others, Article III, Section 5 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

In order for us to approximate our vision and live our mission, we dedicate all our human resources to transform the members of the UIC family to become enlightened, empowered, pro-active and liberated Christian leaders living in a humane and harmonious community for love of God, country, and the world.

Core Values

Faith, Excellence, Service

Profile of an Ignacian Marian Graduate

Ignacian Marian leader:
a responsible global citizen
imbued with profound faith in God,
inspired by the spirituality of humble service,
committed to a continuous search for excellence