About the UIC Pre School

The University of the Immaculate Conception Pre-School program provides children four to five years old, a learning experience that allows them to move with ease and confidence to grade school. It consists of academic and character formation, drawing on their perceptual skills, fine and gross motor skills, and cognitive development and combining them for total growth and development. This early in their life, preschoolers learn more through exploration, discovery and interest centers that are designed for specific educational goals.


The pupil to teacher ratio is small: Class size is limited to 20 pupils with one aide for a class for four-year olds; and to 25 pupils with an aide for a class of five-year olds. The Pre-School curriculum focuses on the following:

  • Character Formation (imbued with Ignacian Marian values)
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Alphabet Recognition – Letter Sounds
  • Beginning Reading
  • Math Skills
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Gross and Fine Motor, Self-help Skills Development


The Integrated Curriculum allows the children to learn in a thematic, and natural way.


Physical exercise outside the classroom makes children aware of their body, move creatively and develop gross motor skills.


Pre-schoolers are exposed to art media and styles to draw out creativity and make art also fun. The child directs his or her art through play-dough, painting, cutting, tracing, pasting, using natural materials, recycling, stamping, tie-dyeing, etc.


Exposure to cooking and food preparation exposes the children to appreciate food, and also hone math skills through measuring, pouring, sequencing.


The children get nutritious snacks during recess that is supervised by teachers.


Swimming is not only just fun for the children but also develops their social and self-help skills.


Parents are involved through the Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) and the Parents’ Day in the Classroom.


The Angels’ Feast Day celebration is a venue for the children to explore their physical and creative potential. Here they stretch and sing while they dance and listen to music while making up story dances.


Field trips for the children are fun, educational and safe with UIC school buses for transportation.


Music activities help the children increase their body awareness and coordination, develop language, and heighten social skills and interests.

UIC Pre School