Institutional Learning Outcomes

The graduates of UIC will able to:

  1. CRITICAL THINKER. Analyze facts, views, and opinions considering moral, ethical and intellectual dimensions as basis in making wise and fair decisions.
  2. INFORMATION COMPETENT. Utilize appropriate and innovative technologies to enhance one’s performance and productivity.

  3. CREATIVE. Design innovative programs in response to the changing landscape in the academe and industry.

  4. EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATOR. Craft messages using honest, tactful, and precise language and appropriate media to serve humanity and glorify God as the model Communicator.

  5. COLLABORATOR. Work on tasks effectively with others to achieve the objective of the group for the common good.

  6. SOCIALLY AND ETHICALLY RESPONSIBLE. Implement activities that promote justice, peace, integrity, credibility and responsibility for the glory of God, home, country, and the world.

  7. INNOVATOR. Works on tasks effectively to achieve the group’s objective for the common good
  8. LIFE-LONG LEARNER. Acquire knowledge, skills, and competencies continuously to perform tasks and responsibilities, with God as the center of endeavors making lives better for self and others.


reference: VPA-PO-003 (2018)