Institutional Learning Outcomes

The graduates of UIC will able to:

  1. Communicate ideas, opinions, perspectives, aspirations, and knowledge as a great contribution to human development using uses appropriate, honest and tactful and precise language and considers the contributions and giftedness of others with hearts and minds focused on the commitment to serve humanity and glorify God as the model Communicator. (Communication and Collaboration)

  2. Evaluate and judge universal issues; their causes and effects on human development; their intellectual and spiritual morality – transcending mediocrity to achieve genuine excellence; discerning their views and opinions of self and others between what is moral, ethical and intellectual from what is immoral and unethical, in order to make wise and fair decisions. (Critical and Creative Thinking and Information Competency)

  3. Uphold social justice, integrity, equity, credibility and responsibility for all persons and belief in their human potentials and giftedness, diversity and multi-cultural competence to become productive, honest and compassionate citizens for the glory of God, home and country. (Social and Ethical Responsibility and Civic Consciousness)

  4. Demonstrate zeal and passion to improve and uplift their life and that of others, physically, morally, spiritually and psychologically, through continuous and meaningful learning and improving of self by undergoing nurturing positive experiences from the broader realities and in the workplace. (Personal Responsibility and Professional Development)

  5. Manifest strong will and determination to face the tasks and responsibilities in dealing with complex life realities to make lives better for others and themselves and by using the knowledge, skills, competencies and strong values and virtues they’ve learned, with God at the center. (Life-Long Learning and Career Skills)