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Graduate & Postgraduate Studies
About Us

Graduate Studies & Postgraduate Studies

The Graduate School of the University of the Immaculate Conception is committed to provide opportunities for continued professional growth and development of scholars, teachers and potential leaders in various disciplines. It aims to expose the students to innovative methods in the teaching of various disciplines and focus their activity on research.

Doctoral programs produce the majority of individuals who have assumed leadership roles in different fields let it be in education, business, industry, technology, and others. Doctoral programs should therefore be of the highest quality.

The program is designed to prepare school leaders who are able to meet the challenge of education in the 21st century. This is devoted to preparing leaders to meet these new and expanding challenges. The program is expected to graduate doctoral students who:

  • Have broad and systematic understanding of professional education.
  • Have a definitive knowledge and skills relevant to the organization and administration of schools of the millennium.
  • Have in depth knowledge of the methodologies of educational research and evaluation.
  • Have an ability to conduct research and apply research findings in a critical manner with respect to the prevailing problems faced by schools today.
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