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3 Great DIY Projects – Healthcare Technologies!

COVID-19 pandemic has affected many countries around the world. Standard operating procedures in every organization have changed to be able to address this “new normal.” From requiring temperature checks and washing of hands before entry, to wearing protective clothing, everyone has accepted the new ways of doing things. This newsletter compiles a list of DIY projects for everyone to enjoy doing in line with the “new normal.” The links in the components used were changed to point to more accessible online stores such as Lazada or Shopee for easier purchase.

  1. Automatic Alcohol Dispenser

This YouTube link gives a tutorial on how to build your own no-touch alcohol dispenser, so that you don’t need to worry about touching an infected surface. The materials are as follows:

    1. - Proximity Sensor ( )

    2. - DC Water Pump (

    3. - TIP32C PNP Transistor ( )

    4. - Aquarium Tubing

    5. - Old Glass Jar

    6. - Old Ballpen

    7. - Sanitizer/ Rubbing Alcohol


  1. Non-contact Thermometer

This is another YouTube tutorial that allows you to check a person’s body temperature without contact.

    1. MLX90614 IR Temperature Sensor (

    2. APDS-9960 Proximity Sensor (

    3. 128×32 I2C OLED Display (

    4. Arduino Nano (

    5. Piezo Buzzer (

    6. TP4056 Battery Charging Module (

    7. 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Cell (


  1. Disinfection Bot 

This next YouTube tutorial doesn’t make a disinfection bot but you can get an idea on how to make one. The project is a floor-cleaning robot which can be converted into something that uses a disinfectant spray.

    1. Acrylic sheets (x2) (

    2. Motor Driver L298 (

    3. Arduino Board Uno R3 (

    4. Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 (

    5. Ultrafire Battery 18650 3.7V (

    6. Jumper Wire (x3)

    7. DC Motors (x5) & Wheel 65 x 26mm (x4) (

    8. Switch

    9. Jumper Wires (x3: M-M, M-F, F-F)


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