University Archives

The University Archives serves as the official repository of the University records that have long-term historical, administrative, legal and fiscal value. The Archives is responsible for the acquisition, preservation of permanently valuable records which are no longer required in the office of origin and transferred to the custody of the Archives. It is responsible for managing and preserving those records that have enduring, evidential, legal and informational value in behalf of the University. It provides services which makes those records accessible to the University community in accordance with the policies and guidelines.



A University Archives preserving the memory of the University its permanently valuable records for access with quality services.



The UIC Archives, source of all archival records of the University is committed to:

  1. to collect, appraise, organize, describe, preserve and make accessible institutional records and other materials of enduring value in all formats that reflect the history and development of the University.
  2. provide facilities for the retention, preservation and research use of such record
  3. develop a comprehensive, equitable, and accessible documentation of the present, past and future through innovative partnerships and state-of-the-art approaches.



The UIC Archives aims to:

  1. Ensure a broader range of documentation of the University, events, issues, and peoples through various initiatives.
  2. Provide services to support excellence in the historical records programs
  3. Provide an ambiance of excellent service to researchers to make use of the archival collections of the University.
  4. Build and sustain the capacity and visibility of the University Archives and records professions in Mindanao


  1. Albums
    • Institutional Assemblies
    • Jubilees (Golden and Centennial)
    • Grade school
    • Pharmacy Program
    • Information Technology Research Zone/ITE
  2. Yearbooks
  3. Graduation Exercises
  4. Handbooks
    • College
    • High School
    • Grade School
    • Program Handbooks
  5. Manuals
    • Administrative
    • Faculty (College, High School, Grade School)
    • Library
    • Laboratory
  6. Publications
    • The College Immaculate
    • Roots(College)
    • High School Immaculate
    • Graders Immaculate
    • UIC Journal
  7. Theses/Dissertations
University Archives