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Science Resource
About Us

The University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) has the facilities and the pool of scientists needed to operate a Science Resource Center (SRC). The SRC is the university’s full-service laboratory, located at the UIC-Father Selga campus in Davao City.

The SRC has facilities for physical/chemical, pharmaceutical and microbiological testing and research. Licensed chemists, pharmacists, medical technologists, and seasoned laboratory analysts serve at the center.

SRC services include analysis of:

  1. soil
  2. leaf/plant tissue
  3. fertilizer
  4. food/feed
  5. water/wastewater
  6. ores/mines
  7. fats and oils
  8. pharmaceutical and other samples

The SRC is a DENR-recognized environmental laboratory and has complied with the documentation, analytical performance and technical requirements of DENR Administrative Order No. 63, series of 1998.

For inquiries, please contact (082) 221-8090 local 133 / (082) 221-8181 local 133.


Science Resource