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Research and Publication
About Us

The Research and Publication Center (RPC) is a university-wide, multidisciplinary research component of the University of the Immaculate Conception under the direct supervision of the President.

The RPC has administrative responsibilities, particularly in assisting the faculty, the graduate and the undergraduate students in their research and research-related activities.


A community of Christian scholars, seeking for truth and advancement with the end in view of contributing to the transformation of society.


The RPC commits to:

  1. contribute to development through research programs, projects, and studies on the socio-economic, histo-cultural, educational, spiritual, environmental, health, technological and political needs of the community it serves
  2. address the other basic and developmental needs of UIC such as:
  • making the University more responsive, as well as relevant to society;
  • developing an active research work among faculty and students;
  • promoting a society where justice, peace, and love prevail and
  • helping establish a progressive community that leads into a fulfilling Christian life


An enlightened, productive and humanized community.


  1. To establish clear guidelines for research program/project implementation.
  2. To upgrade the research capability of faculty, staff and students through trainings, seminars and conferences.
  3. To identify research priority areas in the national, regional and local levels.
  4. To facilitate and encourage faculty, staff and students to conduct researches with an incentive scheme that considers the scholarly contribution of one’s work in a balance of teaching, research and community work.
  5. To come up with research proposals for submission to funding agencies/institutions.
  6. To provide opportunities to faculty, staff and students for research involvement in various disciplines to generate new knowledge, critical thinking and academic excellence.
  7. To conduct relevant and responsive researches with a maximized use of human and physical resources.
  8. To publish research outputs and scholarly discourses in refereed journals.
  9. To promote linkages and networking with institutions involved in research and development.
  10. To harness research management skills by means of well-thought-out training programs.
Research and Publication