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Library and Audio Visual Center
Library and Audio Visual Center

Depository Counter

Everybody is obliged to deposit his or her personal belongings except wallets, electronic devices, and other valuable items, at the Depository Counter before entering the library premises. The counter is usually located beside the library entrance. After depositing your belongings, a card with a corresponding number will be given for the sole purpose of retrieving your items.


Entrance Monitoring System

The library strictly follows the No Id No Entry Policy. As the library user enters the library, he/she is required to scan his/her ID to the RFID Scanner. This information system records the identity of those who entered the library for the purpose of statistical reports and for monitoring the in and out of the users.



Concierge is located in front as you enter the library, the staffs at the concierge will be available to help you find the information of certain reading material, or may assist you to the appropriate area. They also cater to the loaning and renewal of materials and receiving the payment of fines whenever you extended the due date of borrowing a book.


Book Return Chute

For convenience, the library installed a Book Return Chute that is usually located beside the entrance door or below the depository counter. Students may return their borrowed items in a fast and convenient way.


Informal Reading and Study Area

The library learning commons at UIC offers informal reading and study area in a cozy and most relaxing setting, the floor is carpeted and is fully furnished with floor cushions and colorful sofas.


Formal Reading and Study Area

The library also provides a formal reading and study area with ample space for reading which is suitable for students who prefer the use of tables and chairs.


Reading and Study Area

The UIC library learning commons in both campuses has a variety of study areas. There are spaces for a quiet study, as well as areas for those who need to work with groups. Wi-fi access is also available in this area.


Individual Table

The library learning commons provides individual tables for a quiet and conducive for studying environment, this is set specifically for those who need complete concentration in reading.


Collaborative Learning Room

There are Collaborative Learning Rooms for group discussions, interaction and even undergraduate thesis defense. The area can be reserved on a first come first serve basis and can be used within a period of two (2) hours. You may visit the concierge for the reservation of the area.


Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)

The Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) provides touch screen computer terminals for library users to search the library’s physical and electronic collections from the four libraries of the university. In the power search, you may type the subject of interest and then tap on search. Library materials that fit the parameters will be listed under the search results by its call number, title and author, the location in the library, and its availability.


Online Database Station

Faculty, support service personnel, administrator, and currently enrolled students have full access to the electronic resources by using the workstations at the library learning commons. A world of information at your fingertips as you access ProQuest Central, eBrary Academic Complete, SAGE Reference Online, in Library, Cengage Infotrac Special Collection, and Philippine E-Journals for free.


Book Stacks

The general circulation book stacks hold certain reading materials that can be borrowed for home use. The University of the Immaculate Conception adapts the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and the open-stack system. The library holding is arranged according to copyright date from 2000 to the latest are separated from the earlier ones.


Newly Acquired Book Display

Newly acquired books on display are located near the entrance of the library learning commons or near the concierge. These are the books that the library has recently received which can be browsed by library users.

Newspapers and Magazines Rack

Readers have access to a wide range of newspapers, magazines, and other serial literature. The current issues are properly displayed on the racks.


Faculty Lounge

The Faculty Lounge is accessible as long as the library learning commons is open. The lounge is available to all faculty, may it be part-time or full-time, and also to the administrators of the university.


Graduate School Library

The Graduate School Library is also located inside the college library learning commons and is open on Mondays to Saturdays for all students, faculty, and staff. Materials in the graduate collection include books that are specially selected to support the courses offered in the Graduate School.


Online Research Zone

The students have complete access to net browsing, social media website, and library electronic resources within the Online Research Zone that houses 50 computer units. Computer printing service is also available in the area. The area is under the supervision of the Information Technology Technician.

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