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Health Services
Health Services

Functions of the School Clinic:

The clinic is concerned with the health and safety of all students and employees. It gives primary emphasis on health promotion, accident/disease prevention, and immediate care and follow-up. All clinics in the three campuses have the following functions:

1) Serves as a Health Center with adequate medical/dental equipment and supplies.

The Staff renders initial and immediate care to all Students, Faculty, Personnel and Administrators;

2) Conducts consultations concerning health;

3) Provides health programs to promote, protect and maintain optimum level of health (e.g. first aid training, lectures on health and diseases, coordinates with Department of Health’s monthly program, and posting of health-related articles and information);

4) Schedules and assists all Pupils and Students in their annual laboratory (complete blood count, routine fecalysis and urinalysis), medical and dental examinations;

5) Provides immediate care to those who need first aid treatment; and

6) Contacts and informs the parents or guardians of pupils and/or students if any untoward incident (e.g. emergency conditions, children brought to the hospital, etc.) has occurred.

UIC Health Services