RVM Education Ministry


The contemporary educational culture necessitates that Catholic schools, in general, and RVM schools, in particular, convey values and principles to the youth of today which should not stop only at achieving personal growth and psycho-spiritual and social maturity but also contributing to the common good of society.

The educational thrust of RVM schools involves an integral process towards the intended Transformative Ignacian Marian Education, which encompasses inclusive education that promotes and respects diversity in all aspects of life.

Transformative Ignacian Marian Education also involves responsible partnership to sustain national and global leverage to connect students to the different social context and to respond appropriately to contemporary issues for improvement of life especially those favoring the disadvantaged sectors of society.

Hence, the RVM 20th Ordinary General Chapter impels RVM educators to grow deeper in the interiority of life and revitalize their passion for engaging in the renewed evangelizing mission of the Church for bringing fullness of life in Jesus Christ.


In our Education Ministry, we witness to the loving compassion of Jesus,
the Teacher. True to our Ignacian Marian identity, we empower and nurture learning communities towards ethical and corporate responsibility
for inner and social transformation for the common good.


We commit ourselves to:

  1.  grow deeper in discernment and interior freedom to be prophets of hope in today’s world;
  2. continuously form Ignacian Marian leaders who witness to faith, excellence, and service in varied socio-cultural settings;
  3. constantly pursue innovative programs, approaches, and educational strategies to develop world-class professionals;
  4. build up resources and capabilities to respond to contemporary issues towards the enhancement of quality of life; and
  5. expand our educational thrust for the poor.



  1. Transformative Ignacian Marian education towards service for the common good
  2. Strong and relevant institutional social programs to enhance quality of life
  3. Responsible partnership to sustain and advance human welfare