Pharmacy and Chemistry Programs
Message From The Dean

Thank you for visiting the University of the Immaculate Conception’s Pharmacy and Chemistry web site. As Dean of the College of Pharmacy and Chemistry, I am honored and privileged to share information about the College’s faculty and staff and success stories of our graduates. I cordially welcome you to browse this website and learn more of our program offerings.

As a university focused on quality instruction, our program is equipped with outstanding faculty members with Ph.D.’s and Masterate degrees in their field of expertise, an e-learning management system ( e-LMS) to guide learners, and an outcomes-based curriculum cascaded through syllabus and weekly learning plans to guide teachers.

To develop the skills and capabilities of our learners, the program provides a Science Resource Center (SRC) to provide the pharmacy and chemistry faculty and students with extensive in- house, hands-on training on currently used analytic and drug manufacturing processes in academic and research undertakings.

In response to providing continuing education to all pharmacy graduates, the pharmacy program offers the Master of Science in Pharmacy. Also, it has started offering a 5-year curriculum in B.S. Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy in 2004 as a response to upgrade the pharmacy practice in the Philippines. Likewise, this course prepares graduates to qualify to sit in the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination (FPGEE) of the United States National Association of Board of Pharmacy (NABP).

Abreast with the changing landscape of education in the Philippines and the World, part of the University’s mission is to prepare the students to a life-long learning, hence they are provided with tools necessary to be future leaders in pharmaceutical care, to manage drug therapy and to counsel patients on medications, essential to improve the quality of life.

Our graduates have attained employment not only in the Philippines but also in places like the U.S., Canada and Australia. These graduates continually support the program with linkage and networking that can aid the improvement of its curriculum and education management of learners.

Acceptance to the pharmacy program of the University of the Immaculate Conception is highly competitive as the goal is to restore, preserve and enhance life by the knowledge and skills about drug discovery and development, upholding pharmaceutical care and continuously engaging in research for the upliftment of the pharmacy profession.



Ma. Eva Ciudadano San Juan, MSPharm, MSBiomed, Ed.D.

PHARMACY - Message From The Dean