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The University of the Immaculate Conception opened its doors to its first group of students of the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program for the Academic Year 2002-2003 in answer to the needs of time. The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region XI granted Government Recognition no. 031, s. 2003 to the University after it complied with the prescribed standards, rules and regulations pertaining to Nursing Education. S. Maria Remegia M. Cirujales, RVM was its first Associate Dean.

The UIC-BSN Program follows the guidelines and standards set by the Technical Committee for Nursing Education (TCNE) under CHED) and the Board of Nursing (BON). This is further enhanced by the Christian and Ignacian principles imbedded in its religious education subjects and its college signpost, IGNITES.

The Program had its first Cap, Pin, and Candle-lighting ceremony on July 5, 2004 and graduated its first batch on March 26, 2006. It is continually trying to produce graduates who are not only proficient in cognitive and technical skills but also in the human relation aspect befitting a graduate of a Catholic, Marian-Ignacian University.


A Program that envisions the formation of health care providers, who regard the recipients of their care as persons possessing unique psychosocial, cultural and spiritual aspects.


We commit ourselves to provide quality education and training necessary to produce excellent graduates laden with Christian moral values.


After completing four years of BSN education, the graduates are expected to:

1) perform safe and quality nursing care while reflecting humble and loving service towards his/her parents;

2) apply responsible practices that consider the ethical, moral, and legal aspects in rendering total quality care;

3) exercise innovation and creativity in utilizing research study results through evidence-base practices;

4) continue personal and professional development; and

5) maintain collaborative efforts with other members of the health care team for the delivery

of quality health to people in the local and global communities.

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