New Doctors Participate in the 12th International Linguistic Conference

  New Doctors Participate in the 12th International Linguistic Conference

By: Teresita Q. Adriano

Nine graduates of the Doctor of Philosophy major in Applied Linguistics of the University of the Immaculate Conception (UIC) participated in the 12th International Linguistic Conference for language teaching practitioners and linguists hosted by the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 9 to 11, 2018. The nine crossed borders to Malaysia in response to an invitation for free conference and paper presentation.

The congress was attended by 420 language practitioners, linguists, teachers, and students from around the world.  On the first day, series of workshops were conducted and facilitated by esteemed speakers from Griffith University of Australia, Universiti Malaya of Malaysia, National Institute of Education in Singapore, Hong Kong University in Hong Kong, and Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil.

On the second day, a concurrent session was held. Each of the ten representatives from UIC presented their individual qualitative researches which gave them the opportunity to interact with other delegates from the different countries. Dr. Mark G. Suico calmly tackled on Facebook Posts of Fraudsters in Networking Businesses: A Discourse Analysis; Dr. Lyzl L. Banuag contentedly shared her paper entitled Language Hybridization in Facebook: From the Lens of Multilingual Filipinos; Aivie E. Dacay displayed confidence as she talked about the Speeches of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte : a Discourse Analysis; Dr. Irish Mae G. Fernandez boldly told her audience about the Online Portrayal of Marawi Seige: National and International News Frames In Context;  Dr. Janice A. Fernandez substantially explained her paper about A Discourse Analysis on Fliptop Battles Among Filipino Youth; Jessie S. Sajol discussed with fortitude the Recorded Formative Feedbacking in Language Classes: A Critical Discourse Analysis; Dr. Elias S. Dalapo conventionally reviewed his work on Genre Analysis of Conclusion Sections in Quantitative Researches; and with great honor, Dr. Anthony Pol P. Fulache blithely disseminated the Dialectology of Mansaka Language which results he hopes to utilize as resource materials for mother tongue instructions in his own province.

Meanwhile, Liezyl Banuag expressed her positive impression about the conference stating that it was a great venue to learn new researches and discoveries in the field of linguistics. She further remarked that she was inspired to conduct more relevant studies and present her output in international conferences and eventually publish them in reputable journals.

The trip, according to Mark, was providential since they visited various tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore on July 25 to 15 where they enriched their learnings on the different cultures of their neighbors, the Asian people.


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