Liberal Arts Program
Message from the Dean

Welcome! Praised be Jesus and Mary!

The Liberal Arts program of the University of the Immaculate Conception is one of the oldest running programs in the University. This program has been offered since 1966. It continues to produce individuals that are highly integrated, God-centered, nationalistic, innovative, transformative, excellent and service oriented individuals.

The Philippine Accrediting Association of Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) has granted this program a Level III accreditation. Degree programs such as Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Bachelor of Arts major in Communication Arts, English, and Psychology, are among the programs that hone students to be active and productive members of the society. Able to adapt to a changing demands in the field of humanities and social sciences.

The curricular offerings of the program provide an avenue for students to develop their versatility. The general knowledge that the program is designed to produce a well-rounded individual with  a wide variety of  transferable skills. Careers in Academe, arts, business and marketing, law and religious life are the common career path of the graduates of this program.

Facilities and equipment are provided to allow its students to explore real experiences in the field of specialization they choose. The research capabilities of the students give special attention as this strongly support lifelong learning. On-the-Job Training program was also designed for each degree program to prepare better  graduates. The program was established, its strong linkages to the industry and continue to upgrade its instruction through an open communication and feed-backing mechanism with partner  private or public agencies. Practitioners in the field are among the mentors of the program, this allows more current and relevant learning experiences.

We appreciate your indulgence in visiting this page and allow us to share what has been prepared for students to gain upon acceptance to the program.

May Gob bless you always.


In Christ with love,



Porferia Sarana-Poralan, Ph.D

Dean, Liberal Arts Program


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