Liberal Arts Program
Academic Programs
  1. Bachelor of Science in Communication
  2. Bachelor of Science in English
  3. Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  4. Bachelor of Science in Philosophy


Learners Outcomes

Bachelor of Science in Communication learners

  1. demonstrate knowledge and skills in planning, managing and evaluating communication programs
  2. design and produce multimedia (print, broadcast, audiovisual and electronic) output
  3. design, manage and evaluate communication outputs
  4. conduct communication media research
  5. uphold professional ethics and standard
  6. practice social responsibility at all times

Bachelor of Science in English learners

  1. articulate a comprehensive and contextualized view of English Language system and development
  2. communicate in English (oral and written) fluently, accurately and creatively in diverse social cultural, academic and professional settings
  3. facilitate English Language learning in school setting
  4. enhance literacy development and critical/creative thinking among students through the use of different types of text
  5. engage in English language research relevant to the school and workshop settings


Bachelor of Science in Psychology learners

  1. demonstrate both theoretical knowledge (theories, principles and concepts) and  practical skills in psychology
  2. demonstrate knowledge of the methods of inquiry in psychology
  3. apply psychological theories and methods in clinical, abnormal, industrial context
  4. demonstrate understanding of the ethical dimensions of the use of psychological theories and methods.


Bachelor of Science in Philosophy learners

  1. share philosophical knowledge and studies
  2. conduct philosophical investigation
  3. analyze and synthesize ideas, and think holistically
  4. communicate intelligibly and logically
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