Indonesian visiting professor lectures future linguists


With the University of the Immaculate Conception’s (UIC) strong linkage to internationalization with partner universities across the globe, engaging in Faculty Exchange Program is made possible. Last September 28 and 30, a linguist, Dr. Hendra Tedjasuksmana, M. Hum from Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University (WMSCU) in Surabaya Indonesia, virtually delivered a lecture through a Zoom platform.


Dr. Hendra’s two-day lecture series in English 100: Introduction to Linguistics started with a review on the rudiments of the English language’s lexical category, which is a requisite in understanding the complex syntactic structure of the target language. Both individual and group tasks were among the tasks the students performed to intensify the understanding of the concepts taught.

The Faculty Exchange Program initiated by the College of Teacher Education (CTE) of the English Department allowed the first-year English major students to see how words in the English language are stringed to form syntactically correct sentences. The experience that the students encountered is just one of the manifestations of CTE’s aim in promoting and providing quality and standard education to its students even amidst the global pandemic.

Meanwhile, Dr. Virgion H. Mamonong, the UIC- CTE’s linguist and EL100 professor, applauded Dr. Hendra as his gesture of gratitude for his insightful presentation and effort for providing knowledge and wisdom to aspiring future English educators. He also assured the speaker that all knowledge gained in the virtual event would help mold future English educators.

Despite the challenge brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational system and various partnership opportunities worldwide were greatly affected. However, this experience captivates students’ interest and attention. They also extended their great pleasure and affirmed that everyone had fun and was glad about all the learnings gained in the said event.

“Doc Hendra’s discussion is very detailed and informative. It helped me in understanding the world of syntax. It deepened my passion in discovering more the linguistic field,” remarked Ivy Rubilliar,    as her take away from the lecture.


By: Rysel Mae L. Cuyong



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