Education Program
Message from the Dean

Welcome to the Education Program. For more than six decades, the program has been dedicated to preparing teachers for their vital work, not only in the southeastern part of Mindanao but in the Philippines and the world. A number of our graduates have been holding prestigious positions in public and private academic and non-academic institutions.

The ever-changing education landscape and climate challenge us in the Education program to exert greater efforts to grown in our Ignacian-Marian leadership as witnesses to the gospel values and mission-oriented education. We commit ourselves to reshaping the face
of education and its diverse fields, guided by the core values of Faith, Excellence and Service.

Our primary concern is to teach effectively and to work to strengthen and encourage our faculty to invent and re-invent themselves in order to be academically rigorous and real-world relevant. We have a strong faculty line-up as evidenced by their educational qualifications; 58 percent have post-doctorate degrees, 17 percent are into dissertation writing and 25 percent have graduate degrees.

How do reinvent ourselves? In 2009, we applied as a Center of Excellence in Education (COE); the following year, CHED gave our application the stamp of approval. As a COE, we were granted a sizable amount that enabled us to strengthen our research, community
service, instruction and benchmarking initiatives.

To support academic rigor and relevance, we encourage our faculty to be deeply involved in research, particularly in the “Mentor Ko, Co-author Ko” Program of the Research and Publication Center. Four of our teachers had their research published in refereed journals; at least five of them had their studies presented in local, national and international research forums. Majority if not all are sent to local and national conventions, seminar-workshops and conferences. There are also initiatives to link with international universities.

Truly we are here to make a difference. We intend to keep on working to help our current and future students pass licensure examinations by strengthening our review program. We commit ourselves to assisting our students advance in their careers and to achieve their goals; to provide Christian, quality education; be relevant to the challenges of the time and to achieve the vision of creating a transformed society.

Alderite, Thelma O. (Dr.)
Program Dean

EDUC - Message from the Dean