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Attribute Outcomes   Sample Performance Indicator
Creative and Critical Thinking P.O. 1Apply scientific and evidenced-based practices in order to solve various pedagogical issues and recommend courses of actions anchored to the goals of the organization.


PO1.1 Investigate how each student respond, adjust and adapts in various methods
PO1.2 Develop methods and approaches based on student’s characteristics and learning styles
PO1.3 Demonstrate expertise in various approaches in music education
Committed P.O 2Able to respond to the various demands of duties and responsibilities with commitment in all situations.


PO2.1 Demonstrate willingness to go extra mile
PO2.2 Display diligence in all assigned task
PO2.3 Initiates leadership in all situations
IT Enabled P.O. 3Select appropriate technologies in order perform tasks effectively and efficiently.


PO3.1 Select appropriate technology in aiding instructional objectives
PO3.2 Demonstrate versatility in using relevant music software
PO3.3 Modifies and enhances instruction through the use of technology
Team Player P.O 4Adapt and function effectively as individual and member in all environments and in all disciplines by respecting, recognizing individual and cultural uniqueness.


PO4.1 Demonstrate cooperation in achieving desired goals
PO4.2 Participates in all undertakings
PO4.3 Recognizes individual strengths and weaknesses
Good Communicator P.O 5Able to demonstrate good communication skills (verbal and written) using English language in a tactful manner.


PO5.1 Use precise language, with correct terminologies and grammar in both oral and written communication
PO5.2 Uses of variety of reliable resources to support claims
PO5.3 Select relevant information in enhancing instruction
Ethical Professional P.O 6Demonstrate thorough understanding of his/her social and ethical responsibilities.


PO6.1 Adheres to the norms of society at all times
PO6.2 Performs duty and responsibilities legally and ethically at all times
PO6.3 Adapts organizational policies and procedures in all environments
Life-long Learner P.O. 7Respond to the changing demands of industry enabling him/her to create goals anchored to organizational goals in order to formulate plans of actions towards self-improvement.


PO7.1 Prioritizes time effectively to cater the needs of the organization and the self.
PO7.2 Participates in all related professional developments
PO7.3 Demonstrate total acceptance of duties and responsibilities






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